Jungle Disk Blog Digest, May

May sure has come and left in a hurry! Privacy is important to us, and we want to make sure you know that it’s a priority for us to keep our customers’ data safe. Something that’s still looming for many businesses is the implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation requirements, which protect the personal data of any EU citizen, regardless of whether your business is located in the EU. All of our products are designed with security in mind. Using Jungle Disk is one way to be prepared in the case of a data breach. Catch up on some of the blog highlights from May to get the latest industry updates and best practices.

This was a busy month here at the Jungle Disk office. Why, you ask? Interns! We’ve got nine eager interns through the Students + Startups program learning the ropes and helping us out with some upcoming projects. In addition, our sales team attended the Small Business Expo in Chicago, and our CEO, Bret Piatt, recorded a special monologue episode of Cyber Talk Radio focused on data privacy. Lastly, don’t forget to catch up on some new updates in Gmail and some ways to better manage your Jungle Disk cloud backup software.

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Cheers, The Jungle Disk Team

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