Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Team Spirit in the Workplace

My internship happened to coincide with the 2018 World Cup. The winner, France, was made of one of the youngest and least experienced players in the tournament. However, they won by beating some of the strongest teams in the tournament, like Argentina, Belgium and Croatia. This was a result of not only skill and performance, but a good team chemistry, exceptional management and overall respect for one another. I expect many management books will be written on the French squad.

The team’s performance is an example that age and experience should not deter us from setting ambitious goals. At the end of the day, innovation and development happens when we take risks and go beyond our comfort zone. Basically, innovation is brought on when someone attempts something that hasn’t been attempted before.

It is this spirit that I encountered while interning for Jungle Disk. As a cloud solutions company, Jungle Disk is expanding very quickly and integrating services like password protection, cloud firewall protection and email archiving on top of the core enterprise cloud backup solution. Jungle Disk is also unique that the entire suite of products are available to small businesses for very competitive prices.

The customer support department, which I primarily worked with, is committed to help every customer with any issue they may have. The company also has excellent program for interns and all the supervisors I had helped me a lot in organizing my ideas and directing me to executing my tasks. The work environment at Jungle Disk is very relaxed and everyone is friendly and approachable. All these are qualities that make a strong team, which I felt I was a part of while interning for Jungle Disk.


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