Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Summer of Servers and Software

When I checked my email as I started working on writing this post, the first email notification I saw was about move-in information for the apartment that I’ll be staying in next year. I thought to myself, “That’s weird, I’m pretty sure the summer has just started.” I quickly looked at my calendar and realized that the last day of the internship is only a few days away. That means that my time with Jungle Disk would come to an end. While I am sad, I also feel proud of what I have accomplished during my time here.

Out of the nine interns for Jungle Disk this summer, I was tasked with setting up a testing server that the support team can use. When I started the internship, I was clueless about my job. Without any prior knowledge of running a server before, I was overwhelmed by it. I soon learned, the answer is not obvious. I had to dig around the web to find the answer for myself. Fortunately, I got guidance from Bret, the Jungle Disk CEO, for where to start, which helped a lot. After hours and hours of configuration and testing, I finally successfully set up a server that is usable. While it was a time-consuming task, the experience was worth it.

While working on the server, I have come to appreciate the importance of open source and free software, especially for small businesses. Without the Linux Kernel, an open source project, I would not have had easy access to an operating system that can manage its resource efficiently without paying. Ansible, another open source software, was crucial in my testing process. It helped the automation process and made my life much easier. My job would have been very difficult if not for these resources. Small businesses would have difficulty using these softwares if they were blocked behind a paywall. I admire the open source community because without them, open source softwares would not exist.

Compared to how I was at the start of the internship, I have grown up a lot. From a technical standpoint, I have a more well-rounded knowledge of computer science especially considering the experience I now have in operating a server and utilizing automation software. This is valuable knowledge and experiences offered by firsthand experience and would not be possible in a school setting. Professionally, I learned to act and communicate in a professional manner during my time here. I have more confidence in my ability knowing that my skills can be applied to solve real-world problems.

I would like to thank Jungle Disk for making this possible. This is one of the most memorable experiences that will, without a doubt, help me in my future career. I’m excited for what lies ahead and will never forget the wonderful experience Jungle Disk has given me.

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