Jungle Disk + Triniterns: I’ll be Back … in January!

Earlier this summer, I started out pretty nervous about what I’d be doing each day here at Jungle Disk. For me, a super planner, I couldn’t stand not knowing the exact hour-by-hour lowdown. Luckily, my job here has been an ideal fit. Each day of the week I’ve been working closely with my supervisor, Christina, to edit and publish a blog post for the Jungle Disk blog, in addition to writing and posting on social media. While this structure keeps me organized and knowing what to expect every day, I’ve also been sitting in on Cyber Talk Radio episode recordings, which occur roughly twice a week, and helping craft interesting recaps of each episode. I’ve also enjoyed taking on random research projects, including looking for radio guests, filling out award applications and editing some very old blog posts.

I’ve learned a bunch about cybersecurity through listening to the podcasts, and I’ve delved deeper than I expected into Github and Atom. Though I wouldn’t describe myself as a tech-y person, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in unfamiliar territory and discovering my strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve enjoyed this experience, as it seems very in tune with the type of workflow, environment and responsibilities I’d enjoy in my future, undecided career. I’ve had such a good time, in fact, that I’ve decided to come back in January, after I’ve come back from studying abroad this fall!

Of course, this opportunity wouldn’t have been available to me or to the other Triniterns without the 80/20 Foundation, Geekdom, and of course my most awesome supervisor Christina. This experience was an amazing way to get some real-life work experience and better understanding of myself.

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