Jungle Disk + Triniterns: The End of an Internship

I went in to this internship with a lot of expectations and I feel that a lot of those expectations were fulfilled. When we first started with learning a new program interface, DialogFlow, I had a bit of fear and trepidation of not being able to perform as I am not someone who knows how to code. I have never worked with an interface like that before, so I felt far less qualified than my peers. As we moved throughout the internship, I became aware that it was less about being successful in creating a fully efficient, working chatbot to help with the support team, and more about delving into the public documentation of DialogFlow and working through it to decide if it’s a program for Jungle Disk to use for simple support questions that may cycle through. I felt that though it is a great program to use that does not require a lot of prior programming knowledge, the documentation for it is unorganized and scarce. It is difficult to get a direct answer to specific ways to do certain things in DialogFlow, as Google purchased it a few months ago. The transition from API.ai to the rebranded DialogFlow is still in the works, and therefore, is not as user friendly as it could be.

Because of this, I have had the great opportunity to have a space to learn and teach myself some skills that I have not had the time to during the school year. I have had the great opportunity to teach myself Python and get some help from experts like Mike DeFelice this summer. It has been a freeing opportunity and I have enjoyed the workplace culture that has been produced for myself and the other interns.

I have also had the wonderful opportunity to give back to those younger than me through the Highlands High School summer intern program. I mentored interns during their four-week internship through Jungle Disk to help them develop their professional skills and give them guidance on what life is like in the transition between high school and college. This process has been the most rewarding part of my summer internship, as I am able to give back. I did an internship the summer of my junior year in high school and it allowed me to have a leg up into the professional world, and I want to provide that for these young adults. I look forward to their progression as my summer closes and theirs has just begun.

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