Jungle Disk Blog Digest, July

It has been a busy summer at Jungle Disk! The office was filled with lots of energy, chatter and mentoring. We were thrilled to have nine Students + Startups interns from Trinity University join the team for ten weeks to work on different projects focusing on marketing, chatbots, data analytics and more. We also hosted a four-week internship program at Highlands High School for 21 students from different San Antonio ISD high schools. The interns gained job experience in marketing and cybersecurity, while also benefiting from daily mentoring and practicing the marketable skills of team collaboration and public speaking. One of the best parts was that we got to connect both of the internship programs by having our Trinity interns mentor the high school students!

Have you met TeamPassword? If not, you need to! TeamPassword joined the Jungle Disk family in March and the team has been cranking away on product enhancements to better help your business protect its data and improve collaboration. Speaking of data protection, Jungle Disk CEO, Bret Piatt, shares tips and best practices for keeping your personal and even business data as private as possible on Cyber Talk Radio. Last but not least, we were pleased to welcome back Port San Antonio’s newly appointed CEO, Jim Perschbach, to the show to talk about their new Project Tech initiative. Project Tech is playing a major role in showing off San Antonio’s cybersecurity and tech capabilities through its connections to other industries.

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