Jungle Disk Online Backup: Account Hierarchy

A very important aspect of managing your account is who in fact is actually managing it. There are different levels of hierarchy with your Jungle Disk cloud backup account. Let us go over a few basic concepts of having a well-managed and healthy account. It all starts at the top level of access, this person is identified as the “administrator” of the overall account. This is the see all be all of the account and is responsible for updating account information such as billing, adding licenses, setting permissions for users, and ability to view basic Backup Reporting. The level below administrator is considered the “user.” These are the users you will be setting up to actively use the Jungle Disk software. They will have their own usernames and passwords that you as the administrator provide for them to be able to login to the software. This access allows them to either run local backups and/or utilize the network drives to easily access shared folders and files for their personal use or for your company. Please keep in mind that it is best practice to keep each user’s passwords unique and completely separate from the administrator password for the account.

A very important aspect that can get overlooked is when the administrator has an IT person that helps with the technical applications for the business. This is where things can get a little confusing. Do they have complete access to the account? Are they able to log into the Jungle Disk control panel? Are they overseeing backups and checking they are running properly? These are a few good questions to ask when managing your account. However, it doesn’t end there. Having an accounting department that looks over the billing aspect can also add confusion to the mix. Do they have ability to log into the control panel and update billing information? All these questions need to be asked and answered at the top as the administrator for the account. The administrator will have to determine what and who is secure when providing log information to the account. This is where the hierarchy will come in to play –and through communication to understand the roles you can have an organized and structured environment for the account.

If you have any questions as you are setting up your Jungle Disk encrypted backup, please reach to us!

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