Lowering Your Bill: Properly Maintaining Your Backups

Things to look into if you want to lower your bill.

When customers call looking to lower their monthly bill, there are usually several things they can configure simply to help lower their costs. Many times, these accounts have not been properly maintained, so today we will go over some things to ensure that you are only storing what you need and not too much.

  1. Check your data retention on your backups.
    When setting up your backup jobs, you can change how long Jungle Disk keeps data that's been deleted or modified. The default is 95 days, but this can be changed to as low as 1 day or as high as 5000. If you are storing tons of very large files, you can see how this adds up quickly. If you have a 3 GB file and modify it 10 times, you will essentially have 30 GB worth of the same file until the old versions are deleted by retention settings. This can be easily alleviated by setting a lower retention for the Online Disk where you keep large files. Try setting the retention on this disk lower.

  2. Make sure your data is separated into different Online Disks.
    This suggestion is important because separating data makes it much easier to manage. Imagine your organization has 50 employees, and they all use the same single Online Disk for their backups. This means 50 different backup jobs for 50 different workstations all packed onto the same disk. If an employee leaves, it will be more difficult to manage getting rid of that person's data. Try making a disk for each user, and a different disk for each backup vault. It's much easier to delete a single small disk than to remove a single Backup Vault from a disk with 49 other vaults. Make managing all this data easier on you! More smaller disks is the way to go!

  3. Delete unnecessary licenses.
    This one's simple. Make sure all of your software licenses are being used, and if not, delete them. This will save you a few bucks a month that you can use to backup more important data!

  4. Update to the newest versions of Jungle Disk.
    If you are running an especially old version of Jungle Disk, you may be subject to an extended software maintenance fee. Updating your software is simple. Open the Jungle Disk software, click "help," then click "check for updates," and follow the prompts. Couldn't get any easier!

If you have any questions about any of these tips or would like our team to help walk you through updating your account settings, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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