Small Business Expo LA: Jungle Disk Talks Transition to the Cloud

Jungle Disk was at the Small Business Expo (SBE) this past Thursday in Los Angeles. This was our 3rd SBE conference and the experience is always amazing! We get to meet so many small business professionals in industries that range from anything you can think of. I really enjoy speaking to these individuals and learning about what they do.

Naturally, with all the news about ransomware and cyberattacks, the words “Data Security Suite” on our booth banners catch everyone's eye. They are immediately drawn and it's great to hear people say to us, “Data security! I need this!” There were so many companies at the expo that are so glad we are there and it’s great to be able to explain to them how our data security suite is truly a one-stop shop for small businesses.

All our trips to the SBEs entail a workshop that we host. In LA, we talked through how small businesses can get cloud ready. We emphasized the pros and cons of moving to the cloud and shared our best practices based on our combined decades of experience. We decided on this topic because of how some company owners have heard about the cloud so many times but honestly have no clue what it is. We wanted to get down to the real basics and it was worth it! Some of the attendees had a good general idea of what the cloud meant, however, this workshop helped them feel more educated. Others were giving sighs of relief and felt so much better during and after the workshop. The fact that we were approached and thanked repeatedly for the information provided is such an indescribable feeling. Those are the individuals we wanted to reach with going to SBE.

Technology can seem scary for many companies because they don't have the know-how or internal IT experts so they feel intimidated. This can hinder great companies or cause their business to close because of lack of cybersecurity planning. Small businesses are a growing target for hackers and can be attacked very easily by ransomware or a phishing attempt. We want to help keep small businesses’ critical data safe from accidents and attacks!

We made great connections and I'm really looking forward to helping all of these companies start their cloud and data security journeys!

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