Building a Positive Team

Building a great, positive team is critical to not only getting the best work out of your employees, but it also makes the workplace a much more pleasant place to spend your days, and helps the people you manage grow to the best of their abilities.

Studies show that employees that are happy in their careers and whose teams have a high morale tend to be creative thinkers, better at coping with various challenges, work better with others, and see more progress in their careers. Even further, studies have shown that having positive team morale can effect and broaden our behaviors in a long-term way. For example, if someone works on a team with high morale they are more likely to experience tertiary positive behaviors like discovery, curiosity, and creativity. You can see how creating a positive environment for people to thrive is critical, not only for the business, but for each individual's growth. Especially in a tech startup environment, where each individual has to wear many hats, having employees that can think laterally and take on many roles simultaneously is crucial.

There are many ways to make your workplace a place where people can thrive, but a few examples that we do are quarterly team building outings where our team can simply cut loose and spend time together outside of the work environment in a stress-free way. Recently, the team went go-karting and had a blast. Having the occasional potluck is always a great, simple way to bring people together too. In general, having a good sense of humor and sense of camaraderie between each team member can get any team through a crisis moment (or infrastructure outage).

Communication within a team, between teams, and throughout the company at large is also another important facet to this topic. When employees are well informed, and the teams work together and keep communication lines open with each other, this enhances the sense of camaraderie in the company as a whole and makes employees feel more engaged and have more "skin in the game."

Hopefully this blog will help others find a strategy to keep their teams positive and working towards maximizing their abilities.

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