Jungle Disk: Not Only Supporting Customers

Here at Jungle Disk, we are fortunate to be part of such a great team. Turnover is essentially nonexistent, and the team is sort of like one big family. Since we have such little turnover and employees generally stay for such long periods of time, I think we get to know each other more than most workplace teams. So when life events come up, or when someone wants to learn, or when we just want to throw a potluck in the middle of the week for no reason, the team is on it.

For example, this week we had a great Thanksgiving potluck! Each team was responsible for bringing a specific dish, and we had an incredible pre-Thanksgiving spread. It's the perfect time for teams that usually don't get a lot of time during a regular work week to spend time together and cut loose for a little while. The phones are still on, so the support and billing teams are still on duty, but everyone gets to break away for a little bit to grabs some food and mingle.

Thanksgiving 2018 Potluck at the Jungle Disk Headquarters

Also, a coworker of ours is expecting soon, so we all pooled our money together to buy a baby gift. We usually do these types of things when a major life event happens for our team, such as someone buying their first home, a baby coming along, or someone tying the knot. One of our team members is even an ordained minister, and married our manager and her husband.

As you can see, a team with high morale sticks together!

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