Jungle Disk Participates in First-Ever Cyber Signing Day

On December 3rd, I had the honor of being apart of the first-ever Cyber Signing Day, which was hosted  downtown San Antonio, Texas. The event was organized by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and Cyber Security San Antonio to recognize local students in the cyber/tech world and show thanks for the accomplishments and talents. Much like a high school football player might sign with a college team to continue his sports career, students were signing with local companies to continue their cyber career in San Antonio. Luckily, I have the opportunity along with Bradley Cavanaugh, a students at Highlands High School, to work at Jungle Disk.

At the Cyber Signing Day event, people were welcomed by the emcee, Bret Piatt, the CEO of Jungle Disk along with a room packed with local employers and students. The event even had the presence of a few members of the Spurs hype squad including the Coyote mascot himself. As each student was recognized on stage, you could feel the excitement that the community had for maintaining and supporting the young talent in the city.

In my opinion, this event was rather important for the San Antonio community. Even with my short six months experience working in the startup world in San Antonio, you begin to hear and see some problems that face this city. One of the common challenges that you will see is the difficulty that companies have to find and retain young talent in San Antonio, especially in the cyber world. Many people that could thrive and help San Antonio’s economy often tend to move to out and we are left needing someone to fill these job openings. By being proactive with events like this, hopefully we can begin to see a higher retention rate in the cyber world of San Antonio and begin to see more startups take off. I am happy that I can be apart of this and it’s just the beginning. I hope San Antonio continues to host events like this to keep the talent in the city.

Bret Piatt and Bradley Cavanaugh, Highlands High School student, at Cyber Signing Day
Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk CEO and Cyber Talk Radio Host, Emcee'ing the 1st Cyber Signing Day

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