Business Insights from Forbes Tech Council Execs

In October of 2018, we announced that Jungle Disk CEO, Bret Piatt, was accepted to the Forbes Tech Council. Since joining the organization of elite CIOs, CTOs and technology executives, Bret has had the pleasure of participating in expert panels about various business, tech and leadership topics such as tech project management, predictions around the future of AR/VR, company culture, leading remote teams, and cybersecurity challenges.

Here are a few article highlights of advice shared by Bret and the other Forbes Tech Council executives:

Cybersecurity: Eight Ways You Can Boost Employee Buy-In

  1. Make Understanding A Priority

Security and compliance actually have two separate goals. A compliance program should focus on the minimally invasive way to meet all public policy and industry rules to prevent fines or other sanctions. Security is about providing the correct level of protection to make an asset an unattractive target for a criminal. When employees understand the objective and outcome, you create buy-in. - Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk

Bridge The Tech Design Divide: 14 Ways To Deal With Conflicting Project Goals

  1. Make Fair And Analytical Decisions

For true conflict items where the team needs to choose “A” or “B” for a major feature, the decision must be made fair and analytical. Ask yourself and your team which feature is (1) most important to our target market? (2) most difficult for a competitor to produce at or above our quality? (3) the least limiting to other aspects of the product? - Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk

14 Predictions About The Future Of AI And VR

  1. Revolutionized Education

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality combined will revolutionize education through immersive personalized learning. We’re already seeing this for specialized training, and over the next few decades, it will broaden to cover core K-18 and master’s level education. - Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk

Leading A Remote Team? 12 Tips For Building A Cohesive Company Culture

  1. Promote An Inclusive Experience

To ensure everyone feels equally included, reward and recognition activities should be designed in a manner where people at the headquarters or on a remote island obtain the same benefit, along with the same visibility, across the team for good work. The team leader also needs to ensure that core cultural elements of the team do not exclude remote members. - Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk

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