Jungle Spotlight: How Innovative BioPharma Secures Their Data

When Chris Brine identified a missing piece in the puzzle of medical communication companies, he worked for 10 years to build a company with top-notch customer service that puts clients first. Now, his company, Innovative BioPharma (IBP), works with top doctors, nurses and other expert clinicians on behalf of pharmaceutical, nutrition and device companies to develop educational content that is disseminated to other healthcare professionals globally. They plan and produce content for live events, publications, posters, educational literature, webinars and more on topics relating to specific therapeutic areas and how to best treat patients.

When it came to storing and securing their data, IBP needed a solid, user-friendly place to keep their documents and files. Chris came to us because “Jungle Disk was and still is rated as one of the best on the market.” Our ease of service and reliability allows IBP to get things done. They know that Jungle Disk works and will work without worrying about security issues.

Chris recalled one of the more memorable occasions when the company had to connect with Jungle Disk’s support team: “One of our employees deleted something on the server and was completely panicking. She called customer service who, within minutes, found the file and had her feeling back to normal. The customer service person was polite and calm, which made our employee feel so confident with the product.”

While talking with Chris, he said that “IBP uses Jungle Disk every day! All 12 of our employees log in to see files, share files and update any of the content that is housed there. If we did not have Jungle Disk, we would not be IBP.” Jungle Disk loves to hear how our customers utilize our products in their unique fields. In the healthcare industry, it is important to know that your data is backed up, secure and protected, no matter what!

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