Cyber Talk Radio: Consumer Data Breaches, Election Security and More

Bret Piatt, CTR Host, is joined by James Woodard, CTR audio engineer, Episode 141 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, June 8th, episode 141 of Cyber Talk Radio (CTR) hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. Bret Piatt, CTR Host, is joined by James Woodard, CTR audio engineer, to discuss medical record and consumer data breaches, election security, the new Apple and Microsoft privacy rules and more.

This week we changed it up a bit. Normally, James, our audio engineer, doesn't have a microphone, but this week we decided to sit down together and talk about some recent cybersecurity current events and news. So, what's happening in the cybersecurity landscape? Data laundering. This is a relatively new buzzword and practice emerging with cyber criminals. Similar to money laundering, this is when cyber criminals illegally obtain your personal data to monetize off of it. If you have been following the news, Quest Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory, recently had a massive data breach where 11.9 million patients had their financial or medical information breached and now potentially in the hands of hackers. Medical record breaches are hard to clean up from as the data stolen are facts. Facts are pretty impossible to erase. If your credit card information gets breached, you can cancel your card and get your money back. With factual private information such as your social security number, medical information and address, all of this information could then be sold on the dark web and used for malicious reasons. Unfortunately, these types of data breaches are rising in many industries especially in healthcare and finance. These could cause financial havoc on individuals and families. Back in episode 90 of CTR, we had a lawyer from Langley & Banack on the show discussing a specific legal case involving a wire transfer going terribly wrong resulting in cyber thieves taking hold of real estate funds that were intended to close a transaction. As date privacy continues to be top of mind for consumers and businesses, big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft are stepping up to try to help prevent future threats by announcing new security features and policies like single sign-on and a 60-day password expiration policy.

In the second half of the show, we dig into the latest news buzz around election security for the 2020 presidential election. Different security companies and professionals are offering free cybersecurity tools, technology and services to help improve election security. This all sounds great, however, the issue with offering free tools and services to political campaigns is that it's considered a donation. This adds a lot of complexity to the matter. In our own backyard of Bexar County, I spoke with the Bexar County Elections Administrator on the show where we dug into this very topic and I feel confident in how our county handles election security and privacy. For the next election, it's going to be really challenging to determine what’s real or fake news. Deepfakes, artificial intelligence (AI) simulations that superimpose images and audio, are a danger to our democracy. Just take a look at this video of former President Obama. Here in this video, he ironically gives a PSA about fake news. Looks undeniably realistic, right? Listen to the full episode replay to hear more about all things data breaches, election security and more.

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