Introducing TeamPassword Mobile to Increase User Productivity

In March, we teased the launch of a long-awaited addition to the TeamPassword family. Today, we introduce you to our new app, TeamPassword Mobile! We’ve got several features that will make using TeamPassword accessible while on the move and away from your desktop, including Google sign-in, groups and sharing, 2-step verification and password generator. Previously, we’ve introduced the TeamPassword browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, which also handles all of those features.

The password manager for teams of all sizes allows businesses to add, share and manage all internal and client passwords for websites, social media accounts, blogs, email marketing platforms and more (the possibilities are really endless).

A note from Brian Sierakowski, director of product at Jungle Disk and founder of TeamPassword:

“Most businesses want to enable employees to work remotely in a secure way and encourage teams to collaborate, regardless of their locations. We’re excited to launch TeamPassword Mobile to make accessing the tools you need more seamless while also amping up password security to protect business-critical logins and passwords.”
Find TeamPassword Mobile in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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