Jungle Spotlight: James Montgomery Law Doesn't Play Around with Data

For 30 years, San Antonio-based law firm James Montgomery Law has advocated for individuals, small companies and even Fortune 100 companies in litigation cases. Because James was so good at taking business transactions apart in the courtroom, clients — and even opponents — began asking James to work on their whole transactions in order to prevent the problems from ever occurring in the first place. The firm has helped in mergers and acquisitions of businesses that range from large retail stores and manufacturing facilities to insurance agencies. They regularly help clients buy multi-million dollar, multi-story office buildings and negotiate commercial lease agreements.

With all that work came sensitive information that needed to be backed up and protected in the case of a data breach or loss. James was looking for a backup solution that gave his team access to all of the same files, even when they’re out of the office.

“We needed the ability to centralize files and to maximize the backup of our files. I use Jungle Disk to access the ‘file cabinet’ from wherever I might be. My assistants can do that the same way. Our files are automatically backed up so nothing is ever exposed,” James said.

Most importantly, we know that privacy is a top concern for law firms — James chose Jungle Disk because he knows its security protocols will ensure that the firm always adheres to industry best practices. Tools like encrypted online disks and network protection can help law firms steer clear of any kind of data breach or loss that would put them and their clients at risk.

Jungle Disk loves to hear how our customers utilize our products for their specific industries — whether their products are insurance policies, medical communications or technology solutions — they all benefit from secure, affordable and user-friendly backups.

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