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Bret Piatt, CTR Host, and Lorenzo Gomez III, Geekdom Media CEO and Geekdom Chairman - Episode 156 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, September 21, episode 156 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Lorenzo Gomez III, Geekdom Media CEO and Geekdom Chairman, to discuss entrepreneurship, storytelling and how to build a successful tech ecosystem.

To begin this episode, I have Lorenzo start off by telling us what led to the start of Geekdom Media. While Lorenzo was the CEO of Geekdom and in the midst of writing his book (all about the experiences he describes in this episode) The Cilantro Diaries: Business Lessons From the Most Unlikely Places, he was also reading an autobiography of Walt Disney, which inspired him to think of ways to create new, original content. Since San Antonio is not the best at marketing its story, Geekdom Media was created as the source of local, original content that can get that story out there. They are currently producing five podcasts! San Antonio is home to a lot of regional business specialization. The city also seems to shy away from the spotlight — its residents are humble, which doesn’t do much to help attract new talent — and one of its biggest Achilles heels is marketing itself. Lorenzo attended the first multilingual charter school in the city, Health Careers High School. He’s grateful that the options for specialized education have continued to expand since he graduated. A charter school that I love to give credit to on CTR and we've had previous guests from, CAST Tech High School, a science and tech school, has open lottery enrollment that gives all students an equal chance to attend. When Lorenzo wants to sell San Antonio, he emphasizes that education reform here is cutting edge and reformative. He tells us the story of the beginning of the Geekdom co-working space downtown and the changes he’s seen since then. In 2011, Lorenzo was the executive director of the 80/20 Foundation, which was investing in urban grants and working to bring downtown alive again because it had no quality of life or amenities to attract people to live or work there. That’s why Geekdom was created — to make people excited about being in the tech scene. Nick Longo, one of the Geekdom founders, got the tech scene interested in Geekdom through community events, where he eventually discovered a need for a tech community. They then went out and recruited to meetups and groups in order to sell the vision of the coworking space and community of Geekdom.

After the break, we dive deeper into Lorenzo’s career path. What brought him back to San Antonio after working for Rackspace in London? It was a dense, fast-paced city and he wanted to come back to a slower, more relationship-based place, but the city of San Antonio lacks the transportation efficiency and density to make that possible — but he was inspired to take London’s lesson in urbanism and public transportation and apply it, regardless of the challenge. So, he came back ready to build up the city and give it what it needs to attract companies and talent. Nine years since the founding of Geekdom, a robust tech ecosystem has emerged downtown, especially in the area around Geekdom. There’s still work to be done — Lorenzo thinks we need dedicated quality entertainment and nightlife to attract talent who wants to stay. Stay tuned for exciting updates on Lorenzo’s newest book and ventures on his Instagram (@lgomez123). His newest book is out in October — he can’t reveal too much, but it revolves around 12-year old Lorenzo’s mental health challenges and experiences growing up in a poor San Antonio neighborhood. Throughout the book, he writes letters from his current self to his younger self, outlining mental health principles and guidance. What’s next for Lorenzo? On to the next book! His goal is to write 10 books in his lifetime!

Listen to the full episode replay to learn more about Lorenzo’s tech entrepreneurship journey.

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