Back to Basics: A Jungle Disk Workgroup Crash Course

Today we'd like to provide you a simple refresher on our Jungle Disk Workgroup software application. We sometimes forget the smaller things when dealing with the important subjects, such as our encrypted backups and accessing the network drive while the software application runs it all in the background.

In viewing the Jungle Disk Workgroup Activity Monitor, we’d like to give a brief overview of its layout. Your Online Disks will appear at the top of the interface. They will be alongside the options for Logs and Help. Clicking on Online Disk will give you a few set up options. Configure Automatic Backup, Restore, Open Local Web Interface, Open Network Drive, Remap Network Drive and lastly Cached Data. By clicking on Logs, the options are View Network Drive Activity Log and View Backup History. The Help tab will give you a list of options, such as Check for Updates.

Down to the next section we have the tabs that are pretty self-explanatory. It is still important to give a basic run down of them. Start Backup is the feature you will use to run a manual backup to the backups that you have set up. It will allow you choose one of the backups. If you only have one backup configured, then the backup will start immediately when selected. The next tab over, Disable Backups, is for enabling and disabling all of your backups. Pause Sync stops the sync process from running. Restore Files is what you will be using to begin the restore process. The tab at the end will be Configure. This will be a major tab you will be using to view and managing your backups as well as your network drive settings

Below the tabs, you have the view of the most recent and the next scheduled backups. This can be used to verify when the last backup completed and when the next one is set to run. Underneath those, you will see the Pending Network Drive Activity window. This window is where you would usually see any pending activity caused when making changes to the network drive. And the last feature, which is important for troubleshooting, will be the Errors & Warnings section. When errors occur, this is where they will be displayed. You will be able to double click on the error and then click on its details.

We hope this has been a quick reference article on some of the basic options available for you to view on the Jungle Disk Workgroup Activity Monitor. If you need any help setting up or configuring your options on the workgroup monitor, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the support team — we'll be happy to help!

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