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Protect your business with offsite backups and secure cloud storage.

Small businesses can't afford to lose data. With Jungle Disk, your data is protected from loss or theft, which means your team can keep going no matter what.

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Our top-tier security features meet the highest regulatory and compliance standards.

  • check Certified, military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • check Meets PCI, HIPAA, and other requirements
  • check Separate backup vaults to manage data access
  • check World-class audited data centers in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform
  • check Customer-controlled encryption keys

Collaboration features allow your team to share and access your files securely, from anywhere.

Jungle Disk Backup includes Network Drive - a place for your team to securely store files in the cloud, access shared files and restore from previous versions, all within the ease of your native file system.

graphic representation of a file browser with Jungle Disk
graphic representation of compression showing concentric circles decreasing in size

Advanced compression and de-duplication saves an average of 30% on storage costs.

Your data is compressed and automatically de-duplicated during backup, so we only store new and changed data from files.

Jungle Disk keeps your team productive and your business safe.

Our lightweight, customizable backup software protects your data in the background while you focus on your work.

With no contracts or setup fees, getting started is easy and you can cancel anytime.

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Jungle Disk


per employee / per month

  • Includes 10GB of free storage per subscription.1
  • Customize and automate file backups to world-class data centers
  • Store and share files securely in the cloud with Network Drive
  • Control access with user permissions
  • Works with Linux, Windows PCs, Windows servers and MacOS

1: Additional storage is $0.15/GB.
Each customer account is subject to a minimum charge of $8 per month. Our advanced compression and deduplication reduce your storage costs an average of 30%.

We backup your data, wherever it is.

Jungle Disk
Email Archiving


per mailbox / per month

Retain email records of former employees without paying for a full productivity subscription.

  • Unlimited storage and retention
  • Comprehensive audit logs
  • Role-based access control
  • eDiscovery compliant
  • Works for Office 365 & G Suite

Jungle Disk
Server Edition


per machine / per month

Automated backups with remote management for headless servers.

  • Our encrypted backup software with remote management capabilities
  • Includes 10GB of free storage per subscription.1
  • Works on Windows and Linux servers

Choose the products you need and protect your business today.

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Secure, offsite backup is essential, and that's why it's included in every Cybersecurity Suite.

Your team is your first line of defense. Empower them to work safely with our encrypted backup software plus password management and security awareness training.




per employee / per month

  • check Encrypted Backups
  • check Cloud Storage
  • check Email Archiving




per employee / per month

  • check Encrypted Backups
  • check Cloud Storage
  • check Email Archiving
  • check Password Management
  • check Security Awareness Training

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